It is not you, it is us

This blog is not about how to change diapers, check the baby’s temperature or suggest what they should eat. That is the most natural part. All it takes is common sense, maybe a few videos on YouTube or articles and a few seldom solicited, but sometimes appreciated, advice from friends, aunts, colleagues at work, and others heard during awkward encounters at grocery stores, subway stations, and playgrounds. It’s about the mistakes and successes, frustrations and regrets but most importantly, a spot for brain drain, general thoughts and maybe some sarcasm in between. You are not the first one to have the crotch kicked by a kid or the face hit by a toy, an elbow, an ankle. It’s not exclusive to you to follow the first steps of a child at school, the learning, and discoveries, the social struggles. If you are a parent and none of it has happened to you yet, well, get ready. It is coming soon.

I am sure that there is plenty of science behind what we go through every day as a parent and the amount of information available is so vast that filtering the right piece of information is the most valuable skill one may have these days. I have read and tried some of the tips and techniques backed by psychologists, educators, etc. and while some worked by the book, I had to adapt others to my child’s personality, and my conditions and a few did not even get close to the expected result. Maybe I did not apply it correctly, or the timing was wrong, or perhaps it will not work at all for my child. It all depends on the environment you are in and the variables around it. Shared x single parenting, cultural differences, an individual’s behavior and beliefs, etc. Common sense is again, the key but how can I judge in isolation mode?

I feel that listening to or observing similar situations from other parents gives me more clarity and a certain level of comfort. I am not the first one to live by that, and it is not exclusive to me either. Looking from outside may not take any eventual regrets away but leads me to a better self-judgment and improvement while easing the process.

This blog is about sharing experiences, talking about insecurities as a parent, the fun facts, the joys and the kicks on the crotch. It’s an open conversation so feel free to comment, ask questions and share your experiences. It is about you as well.

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